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SSL521n FiveTwo for Strat, Neck

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11202-50 This staggered single-coil uses a mix of Alnico 2 and 5 rod magnets specifically positioned for sweet highs and tight lows. The result is a super-musical twist on the classic Stratocaster pickup. The Five-Two classic Stratocaster pickup was originally designed for Nashville studio players who wanted to soften the treble attack on their high strings while retaining all of the articulate snap on the low strings. The solution was a mixture of Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 rod magnets that delivers the best of both worlds. The Alnico 2 rods under the G, B, and E strings provide a sweetened treble response while the Alnico 5s under the low E, A, and D strings keep them sounding clear and crisp. The custom-wound bridge pickup is slightly hotter–exactly what a bridge single-coil needs–and is calibrated for full-bodied sustain and a stronger attack. Add to it the Five-Two neck pickup and Five-Two custom RWRP middle pickup and the complete set produces glorious Strat tone with hum-free operation in positions 2 and 4. Like all of our vintage Fender-style single-coil pickups, we start with the right color and thickness of Forbon flatwork. Along with the period-correct magnet stagger, this pickup comes complete with waxed and tinned cloth push-back hook-up wires and traditional keyed bottom plate. We hand file the flatwork, assemble, and lacquer the bobbin just as it was done during Fender’s Golden Age of classic Stratocaster pickups.

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